Ethereum (ETH) dApps will remain in 2019, a leader

DappRadar, a web service that tracked the most popular decentralized applications (dApps) of the various block chains, has released its latest annual report on the General situation of the crypto sector. Accordingly, Ethereum is a leader in the area of dApps.

Ethereum (ETH) remains the leading platform for decentralized applications. In the report it is stated that Ethereum with a growth in the user base as well as in the various product categories that achieved the largest successes. The report shows that the Ethereum network, has seen a growth in the users of 118 percent and a growth of the daily value transfers of 116 percent. Ethereum is but also, as the report notes, the only Blockchain, which grows in all four categories of DappRadar: Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Exchanges, games and gambling, as well as “High-Risk” (e.g., the HEX Token).

Despite the growth of the DeFi the analysts have found that gaming applications were still the key growth drivers for Ethereum in the year 2019. In particular games, such as MyCryptoHeroes contributed to the annual growth significantly. But this is due certainly to the fact that the DeFi-sector in 2019 is still relatively young. Nevertheless, the user base and the number of DeFi dApps, which led to a growth rate of 529% for this type of dApps rose. Overall, the Ethereum Ecosystem had achieved in 2019, with a value of $ 1.8 billion, based on the movements of the Ether (ETH).

At the same time, the study makes clear that Ethereum is still the perfect Blockchain for dApps, because applications that run on the ETH-Chain, continue to be “prone to systematic factors”. In addition, the Ethereum block Chain is also relatively slow, with Ethereum 2.0 major developments are underway that should enable a significantly higher data throughput than 10-15 transactions per second (TPS). During the summer rally, as the ETH reached $ 200, the high gas prices, the users decline, so DappRadar.

How to cut the competitors to Ethereum?

The main competitors of Ethereum, EOS and TRON, were given in the report, much less praise, than to ETH. Although they are referred to by many as “Ethereum-Killer”, both projects in their efforts to enlarge their circle of users and the transaction volume, as it is said in the study. Finally a “traffic jam forced” to EOS some Gaming Dapps to Migration to WAX. The project Enumivo, which brought the idea of the simulated Mining-Token show, is currently working with EIDOS-Token-scheme. The embossing of the token caused a strong Overload, and disabled the use of EOS for distributed applications. In this regard, DappRadar noted:

The performance of the Dapps on the EOS Blockchain has been compromised by the Overloading of the EIDOS-Tokens through the network, Spamming heavily. This led to the daily user activity decreased by 48%.

Of the performance of TRON (TRX) was not dAppRadar is also impressive. After a significant growth in the first half of 2019, the network showed the play for the majority of its activities in connection with distributed applications with happiness. Also, the growth slowed down in the second half of the year, which is why TRON Ethereum could not surpass. DappRadar also stated that the often-mentioned technical advantages of Tron and EOS in relation to the block time and the transaction be set as a result of the Delegated Proof of Stake consensus as a problem.

Featured Image: Wit Olzewski | Shutterstock