Ethereum-based platform Rezchain with verification service for Hotels live

The application possibilities and the potential of the Ethereum Blockchain are large and are recognized by more and more companies and used worldwide. Rezchain is a web platform that puts in collaboration with Microsoft, is a Tool that primarily by companies in the travel industry can be used.

Glitches in hotel booking are not only frustrating and potentially uncomfortable for passengers, but also on the result of the companies that manage these transactions. Here is the Rezchain Service from Webjet comes in. The Blockchain-based Hotel-booking-checking service has been developed in collaboration with Microsoft, and since 2016 in the works. Since then it has been gradually introduced within Webjet – a B2B accommodation service, with a total turnover of 3.8 billion U.S. dollars in fiscal year 2019, and the business area WebBeds, as well as selected partners.

Today, the company announced that it has against Rezchain for all companies in the travel industry free. Rezchain uses a safety tested on Ethereum-based Blockchain. The Blockchain is used to confirm that all data is consistent across multiple booking systems, and to warn all parties if a deviation is present. This can not only help you to avoid problems before they become really problematic, but the immutable Ledger of the Blockchain should make it easier to find a solution with less effort and resources. The founder of the project lead (freely translated):

The transaction between hotel suppliers and travel partners can be a complex, time-consuming, and ultimately costly process. For years, the industry viewed it as a cost for the business. But through the use of Rezchain it must be so.

Webjet says that Rezchain be a simple Upgrade, for the technical interfaces of the company, and that you will have to pay after a 30-day free trial version only a few cents per transaction. According to the company, booking relate to differences of up to 5 percent of the hotel reservations, so that an optimized solution could help to avoid larger claims and disputes with customers effectively.

In this context, the privacy of the customers is important. The technical infrastructure has been developed in such a way that the machining of the cases, a multi-level security system must be traversed. The company results in (freely translated):

Rezchain-users to manage the security of their own user accounts using their own passwords. These user-generated passwords will be securely stored in the Active Directory from Microsoft – no one in Rezchain can view these passwords, retrieve, or modify. So in Rezchain stored data are visible only to authorized users. The System uses the OAUTH2 Protocol for authentication, whereby it is protected from unauthorized access. And the assignment of roles prevents users from performing functions which they are not assigned, and to ensure the integrity of the data.

The project is still in its infancy, wants to solve a Problem that is widespread in the industry and around the world is available. Accordingly, Rezchain could be in a niche market force, has recognized the potential of the Blockchain. Nevertheless, it remains to be seen how the industry will adapt to the project.

Featured Image: Ponderul Pictures | Shutterstock