ETH is used for VIP Ticket sale for the European championship 2020

Together with UEFA, the company alpha wallet is planning the issue of VIP Tickets for the European football championship on the ETH Blockchain.

Partnership explores new use cases

The theme of acceptance to play in crypto currencies, from Bitcoin to Zcash from the beginning an important role. Given the current speculation about the merger of various to be able to survive in the long term, the recognition debate is currently dedicated. Some interesting developments with a view to possible cooperation between the crypto world and the real world. Particularly worthy of mention: A planned use of Ethereum in the context of the European football championship in the coming year 2020. The project is concluded as expected, this could be one of the most important bridges. In the football sector, have been around for a while, efforts, of the opportunities of digital currencies to be addressed. In Gibraltar, for example, has long experiments to content are tested payments for players in Coins.

The football world is already longer than the legal crypto-savvy

The success of Club Paris St. Germain at the castle some time ago to the service provider network of Socios. Seen in this way, it is the projects of the company alpha wallet a by no means inappropriate. Through the partnership with UEFA is to be tokenized for the European Championships in 2020, a total of 20,000 Tickets via the Ethereum Blockchain. However, it should be VIP-tickets. An exciting step, but this is not nevertheless, even if normal ticket buyers arrive at this point with the Blockchain in contact. Each of the 20,000 Tickets will be issued according to the plans on an individual ERC-875 Token. So each Ticket is shown for also digital. This would be in addition to the fact that a number of countries will be the venue for the EM, a further special feature all around the big event.

Success of case could trigger a new Trend in Ticketing

The cryptographic service provider will be signed in the framework for the technical execution, while UEFA will bring in their Ticketing experience and the Know-how as organizers. Alpha wallet and UEFA do not jump, however, to the proverbial cold water. For the sale of developed Wallet as well as the System as a whole already have a test-run in the context of the recent world Cup in Russia. The two partners Blockchain rely mainly on Ethereum, to ticket fraud, the fight against. Alpha wallet will be, in particular, better regulation for the Ticket in the secondary market. Extensions of such Tests seem to be already excluded. Benefit could now, in the first step, especially in the ETH course, if everything works out as expected in the sale.

Featured Image: From Сергей Петров | Pixabay