Epilogue: Ori and the Blind Forest

Ori and the Will of the Wisps comes with big steps closer and our editor-in-chief, Tom, it can no longer expect the long-awaited title finally in the Finger. No Wonder! But its predecessor, Ori and the Blind Forest, no less than a beautiful and todtrauriges fairy tale, that it is easy to the virtues of old Genre greats such as Castlevania and Metroid held up. I, myself, have made up for the enchanting journey of the little being quite late, but I couldn’t escape its spell. Reason enough to devote this particular Game is a sequel.

At the beginning of the storm. He separated that little essence of Ori from the spirit tree and created the basis for the upcoming events. However, the white guardian spirit a blessing in disguise, because the furry and lumbering creature Naru had found and abdoptierte it. As Ori grew up in a loving feeling of security. The forest, Nibel, but, is Dying, and the spirit tree calling out to his child. The light goes out, the supplies are dwindling, and so Ori has to die to look on as his beloved adoptive mother to starve to death. Of grief and solitude driven to the desperate orphan child, running in the Depths of the forest, where it died in the dismal darkness of self to exhaustion. The spirit tree, itself drawn from the Last of the great dying, can’t bear the loss of his child and so he gives Ori with his last ounce of strength new life and hopes that his offspring can save the forest and its creatures.

Each Frame is a small work of art

You see it perhaps Its cute appearance Despite is Ori and the Blind Forest is anything but light fare. People are built close to the water as I should, perhaps, make a big arc for the title. Because what is the Metrovania in the first ten minutes delivers me emotionally so hard hit as at the time of the prologue of The Last of Us. Melancholy is one of the key themes and accompanied the Ori during his entire adventure.

The strange underline and yet, somehow, in contrast, a detached Element of the title, is the graphics style. This reminds me, with its hand-drawn interactive backgrounds and the movements of the characters to popular cartoon classics of the 80s and 90s. Often came to me when playing The last unicorn in the sense, one of my favorite movies from Childhood. It is, therefore, not surprising that I’m addicted to this work of art with skin and hair. The level of detail and the love that is felt in every single Frame, are incredible! I would like each individual image, without batting an eyelash, in a frame in the apartment hanging out and regret it not even for a second!

Challenging Fairy Tale Trip

A good Game lives not only of the beauty of his face alone, no, therefore, has Ori and the Blind Forest is also a lot of challenging Gameplay in the Luggage! As the crisp jump in deposits, requiring not only good Timing, but also incredible reflexes, for example. Similar to the Play of the Dark Soulseries I felt this personally, as it is killer hard, but never unfair.

The forest as a place has a lot of secrets, and wakes up the discovery urge in all of us. Since Ori and the Blind Forest, a spiritual heritage of Castlevania and Metroids are, they are of course not immediately to reach. Only your Perks and skills to unlock, the Oris full Potential unfold, and you every hidden corner to discover.


Ori and the Blind Forest is a dream! The adventures of the little spirit creature touched one of the first second and never lets go. It confirmed why I waited so long to have it to play, because emotional is Ori and the Blind Forest is a deeply sad Trip. It has me watching the heart ripped, as the adoptive mother of Oris is dying of hunger, because it refuses to take some of the few remaining food for themselves, so that Ori is hungry. The tears flowed with me in the streams, as the Ori alone, and without hope in the forest to die. We are still in the first 10 minutes of the Games! The more it gets pounded in my chest as Ori a second Chance to bring up some hope in the shade of the forest. Ori and the Blind Forest is a – not only optically – wonderful adventure! What is the developer Studio, Moon Studios at the time delivered, has the makings of a classic and also I can continued to wait.

What Ori and the Blind Forest is? A heartbreaking “Metrovania.
Platforms: PC, Xbox One,
Developer / Publisher: Moon Studios/Microsoft Studios
Release: 11. March 2015
Link: Official Website