Due to Mining problems in the case of BTC miners switch to BCH and BSV

The Hashrates of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin SV (BSV) have risen after the Rate dropped, Bitcoin previously. A similar scenario as in April, when the Hashrates bell BCH and BSV decreased to own Halvings.

In the days after the Bitcoin Halving the Hashrates have increased within the networks of BCH and BSV. According to BitInfoCharts recorded Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV an increase of the computing power, while those in the BTC-System decline.

In the time of 10. until 14.05. was increased to the BCH hash rate to over 90 %. The increase in Mining activities put of formerly 1,43 Exahashes per second to 2.74 Exahashes per second (EH/s). A similar pattern existed in the BSV network. Here, the value of previously 1.1 increased EH/s on later, 1.78 EH/s.

BCH & BSV-Hashraten broke in April, but increased after the BTC Halving/bitinfocharts.com

Bitcoin Hashrate to put to BCH & BSV-Halving

Almost 50% of the BCH-Hashrate rose alone on the day of the BTC-Halvings. In the two days following the Halving on 08.04. was fallen in value, however, to 80%. In the BSV System had played an identical event, as the hash rate had dropped as a result of the BSV-network-Halving to 16 %.

Here, as there is a change in the Miner emerged into the network of the BTC, because the user expected profits before the Halving at 11.05. take wanted. Miner had might lead to the worry that the Bitcoin halving to Mining closures due to significantly lower profitability. At least in the case of not enough efficient farms.

With the halving of the rewards to 6.25 BTC velvet increasing Mining difficulties, many miners returned to Bitcoin to Cash and Bitcoin SV. Bitcoin Hashrate was in the run-up to the Halving after a rise, still at 137 EH/s, she fell to the Halving of 104 U/s like that. This corresponds to a Minus of 24 %, which in turn was probably reason for the increase in the networks of BCH And BSV.

In spite of a significant slump in the Bitcoin Hashrate over the last 24 hours, not believe the BTC-trader and Analyst Matt Odell with the current data to reliable values. The exact decline in the Rate of leave in the next few weeks to determine.

Odell says, for the calculation of the hash rate at the moment “average block times and current difficulties” of the network would be used. This made the calculations for “short periods”.

Miner F2Pool, who signed for the Emergence of the block 629.999 before the Halving responsible, and the Block is a message to the current economy added crisis is that the reason for Miner to switch to BCH and BSH with the increase in sales could be justified. The Miner holds BSV currently more profitable than Bitcoin, and Bitcoin to Cash. This could also explain in more detail why the transaction volume in the System of the Bitcoin Satoshi Vision by a whopping 80 % within 24 hours was able to rise.

F2Pool, the Miner, has written in Block 629.999 a message about the current financial crisis, says that miners who go to BCH and BSV are attributable to revenue. The miner referred to the BSV currently more profitable than Bitcoin (BTC) and the BCH, which could explain the increase in the volume of transactions in the Satoshi Vision-network 80% in the last 24 hours.

F2pool sees the sales, Bitcoin Mining, just behind the BSV-sales, although the Chinese Miner looks for the revenue in all the three systems have similar values.