Draper: the goal of 250,000 USD per Bitcoin by 2023, more realistic

Bitcoin (BTC) reached a high of $ 10,000, before it fell in the last month, under $ 4,000, as investors and the financial markets on the Coronavirus-responded to the pandemic. In spite of the slump and the continuing macro-economic turbulence of the billionaire Tim Draper remains at the leading crypto-currency continues to be optimistic.

In an Interview with the Chinese news channel Bitpush Draper, head of venture capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson warns that a prolonged period of Isolation due to widespread illness-induced financial crisis to worsen still threatens. He also shares his thoughts about the forecast of the V-shaped economic recovery, which could recover the United States from your current break-in quickly:

If the government keeps the people isolated at home for another two weeks, is not going to happen the from all-discussed V-shaped economic trend, and the recession could be worse than the former Virus.

For investors, the move to the volatile stock markets, it is the view of the Draper is the best time to buy US equities. But that’s not his Position on Bitcoin. The billionaire says that he stands behind his long-standing forecast that the “king’s coin” is on the way, to reach out to 2022 or early 2023 $ 250,000, in spite of the pandemic and of the “black Swan”Events that brought the markets to crash. While crypto-Enthuasiasten expect the Halving of Bitcoin in may, in the context of the supply of new BTC from 12.5 to 6.75 BTC will be halved, and a bull run drive, says Draper, that the event is only half the story.

If the US Dollar loses because of the large-scale money printing in the United States and the people do not know that buying Gold value, then Bitcoin is a safe haven.

The crypto-Investor sees in the current Situation, a silver lining on the horizon. During a bull market, Draper, were not the people usually open to changes, but the current pandemic is driving a change in the habits, since people are looking for better, cheaper, and faster Alternatives in the banking sector, in healthcare and in other industries. He believes that the crisis could trigger the introduction of new technologies such as Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Bitcoin.

As soon as people realize that the government will save the market due to the devaluation of Fiat currencies, you will begin to accept the use of Bitcoin. The people will realize that Bitcoin is smoother, more open, more transparent, more valuable and irreplaceable than the US Dollar, Peso, Naira or the drachma.

Tone Vays is also more recovery

The crypto-trader and technical Analyst Tone Vays says he was with Bitcoin optimistic, since the Halving is getting closer. In a new Episode of “Trading Bitcoin” says Vays, that the current price action of Bitcoin could be similar to that in August 2015, as BTC 207 Dollar fell, before it began a long-term rally, years later, reaching its peak as the leading crypto-currency reached its all-time high of about $ 20,000. Vays says he’s been surprised by the rally on Thursday, the BTC of 6.214 Dollar to a High of 7,040 thousand dollars brought. To this date, Vays that it arrives in the next two months to keep track of whether or not the price of Bitcoin over its 200 day moving average can move, which is currently at about $ 8,000.

Let’s see what happens in about two months. And you, what will happen in these two months rates. The Halving. We just need to come on this 200-day moving average.