Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot in the Test

Dragon Ball is back! After a long Wait for Fans of the cult anime so far, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot appeared, and thus also the first full-fledged role-playing game for the eponymous Japanese animated series. Finally, because in the past, the game’s scenery looked around, the Dragon Ball Franchise is very lean. In addition to Dragon Ball FighterZ there was hardly a title of the consumer, as well as critics and was well received. Those who are not interested in classic Fighting Games, looked through the fingers. With Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot tried the developer CyberConnect2 , the new offshoot of this is a gap to fill. Whether you succeed?

Nostalgia Level over 9000

As typical of most Dragon Ball Games, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot to the eponymous Anime. The big difference, which have the most players familiar with the matter, and also the one or the other game played, is that the new approach deals much more comprehensive with the action de template. So, for example, are characters taken from Dragon Ball Z , if at all, does not know, but only a small supporting role in that play, or even its origin in the old Original from 1986. Also with the memorabilia, the developers show old scenes of the Japanese animated series, which explain the Background of all the characters and their relationship to each other closer. For Fans, a welcome Surprise, especially since it was taken, remember to supply values for the scenes to Look at. Pure nostalgia. In addition, you are fighting on the side of the Z-warriors not only on the well-known Freeza over, but all of the antagonists, to offer what the Anime has. Short: Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot tells the story around the Z-warriors from the beginning to the end.

Typical for Japanese animation series of the something “your own” Humor is, of course. The speech is exaggerated by the part, kitschy scenes, what the connoisseurs of the template is known for sure. I would argue that the nostalgia factor plays a big role in how you take the plot. Clearly, epic the story of the strongest warrior the is 11. Universe, in any case, but nowadays it is significantly higher Narrative level in the usual way. Those who hope for a water-tight story, which has plenty of depth, found in the new role-playing game of the Dragonball series, not what he is looking for.

Different Dimension, same quality

The voiced cutscenes can either be in English or Japanese set. In both cases, this took care of Bandai Namco Entertainment fortunately the original speaker into the boat to get. This means in reverse conclusion that the sound brings a very high quality. A pity it is, of course, however, that there is no English dubbing, however, I am of the opinion that the atmosphere with the Japanese speakers is a better. It has also been saved in side missions, these remained, namely unvertont. What I liked, in turn, is the music. The is nothing extraordinary, but with the new original tracks laid makes you nothing wrong.

The exciting atmosphere, especially in the cutscenes to the fore. On the one hand, on the slightly exaggerated action, on the other hand, the fact that scenes were partly taken over 1:1 from the Anime. For me pure goosebumps: My beloved hero back in a new coat of paint in front of the screen. And the Best part is that not only Goku, but also a large number of his companions and rivals is playable.

Visually me Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot on full convinced. What reduces at first glance, pretty and flat works, developed quickly to a stylized experience, which captures the atmosphere of the anime well. At first I was a bit disappointed, because the graphic quality quite a bit from Dragon Ball FighterZ is different, however, I’m quick with the simple Artstyle got warm. Generally speaking, the level of detail was very impressive, when you consider that it is in the end a very reduced style.

What surprised me was the quality of the animations during the cutscenes. Very often was worked for sequences with exaggerated motion, for which the 2D animations are well known. The has upgraded some of the scenes visually, again, a lot. Especially the faces were very animated, loving.

Gameplay, which convinced?

You are not just caught in between sequences, around is driving it mainly on the various planets there are to explore for our party of Heroes. Of a Open-World, you can’t talk, because I would be the notion of claiming “Open Areas” would be more appropriate. Although you can move freely in the game world, but it is divided into several sections, which are separated by the classic loading bar. These areas are, nevertheless, had been far greater than I thought it to me, so there’s a lot to see. Unfortunately, the sections are not filled in but not only the Visual, but also the Content is meant to be. Mostly, there are merely new characters with side missions and these don’t, in addition, largely as interesting. It is beautiful, old faces to see again or to meet and tasks that happened in the Anime, however, the most limit in addition to activities on the typical “Get me this, bring me that”-missions. Nevertheless, it remains to fight our protagonist is not spared!

If one gets involved in duels, the combat system is similar as in the previous 3D-Beat-’em-Up Games, the Dragonball series of the last few years. Depending on the claim of the player, the arguments are also quite challenging. Who is clumsy stringing together attacks and four different special abilities satisfied, will have until the end of his fun. Personally, I am of the opinion that the fighting is not complex would be, what do you mean, that I don’t myself. Although most of the opponents, with time, become very predictable, still, I never stopped to look forward to the next boss fight. The biggest difference to other Fight is that the boss to draw fights across several levels, which also have their own attack patterns, and also of the original capabilities differ. You will often be involved in small Bullet-Hell situations, what I liked very much. Often I have caught myself doing that I’m just as thrilled as in the past in the Anime.

Part-Time Job: Chef

To of the devastating attacks recover, there is the possibility of Items in combat. These are available in all sorts of shapes, such as a healing or sometimes as a temporary Status upgrade. To get this into your own hands, you must do the player side missions, or restore. This process is divided basically in two parts: The cooking and the procurement of ingredients. The latter can be obtained either by fishing or the Hunting of animals. You have your ingredients collected, it’s cord trek to the next camp fire or, alternatively, of one’s own kitchen. In contrast to the Get of the ingredients, the cooking itself is not a extension of the gameplay – although it must be said that neither the fish nor the rest of the options for the player are terribly exciting.

In addition, you can badge the own status values by the so-called Soul in his Community Board to expand. According to the Board, the effects, the impact on the players vary. You want to, for example, better bonuses for cooking, you can use the corresponding soul badges with the best values for it. The badges represent the characters that you meet in the course of the story. Some of these badges must be earned through side missions or other detours. You want to make an old enemy to the allies, you can revive him with the Dragon Balls again and then in the own ranks. To be honest, I have found great pleasure in the Collecting of these soul badge, because it has to do with it, even after around 35 hours of play time a bit.


Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is a nostalgic game experience, which leads me to the end, not disappointed. The exciting staged fights, the nice-looking cutscenes, and especially the accurate reproduction of the action, were able to convince me entirely. Nevertheless, I would players, what with a Dragon Ball on the hat, guess the title with caution to enjoy. Although the game offers for those with the cult anime could be set up to have a very good summary of the history around the Z-warriors, but, nevertheless, is Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot clearly to the Fans of the past and the nostalgic of today. Moreover, the Gameplay Features are not sufficient alone, but simply to give a clear recommendation on my part. Who playfully to Dragon Ball pre-buttons want, without dozens of consequences of the anime to review, although his have fun, but certainly not the same as die-hard Fans of the original.

What is Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is? A Dragon Ball Z Open-World Action role-playing game, which is the plot of the anime follows.
Platforms: PC, PS4, XBox One
Tested: Xbox One
Developer / Publisher: CyberConnect2 / Bandai Namco Entertainment
Release: 17.January.2019
Link: Official Website