DOOM celebrates its 25th birthday!

A quarter of a century has passed since DOOM was released on the unsuspecting masses. Over two decades later, the franchise has produced various sequels, spin-offs, films and comics and has secured a permanent place of honor in the lexicon of pop culture. The publisher Bethesda would like to celebrate this as well.

25 years full of mods, gibs, weapons and the most passionate, unshakeable and violent fans this side of Phobos. All DOOM slayers of the past, present and future can be present at the celebrations of the well-known franchises of the entertainment industry – no matter whether the descent into hell began in 1993 or with DOOM (2016). The official trailer for the 25th birthday of DOOM is available below.

Whoever registers at gets the exclusive Zombie-DOOM-Slayer-Skin* for the release of DOOM Eternal. We’ll keep you updated in the coming weeks on more details about participating in the Year of DOOM – including exclusive content, rewards, events, contests, and more.

Welcome to the Year of DOOM.

*The Zombie DOOM Slayer skin requires the purchase of DOOM® Eternal and may not be available to all members of the Slayers Club in all countries. There may be other restrictions.