Data breach at Facebook: Several prominent sites affected

The Facebook Pages are one of the most important Features of the social network. But now data protection has given breakdown site operators might problems.

Facebook-pages, so the official sites of Celebrities, organizations, or companies on Facebook, for many users one of the main social network reasons to visit. On the Pages you will regularly receive information about their favorite topics and areas of interest.

Be operated at these Facebook Pages of administrators, which do not occur to the outside, however, especially in appearance, if you do not have this enabled.

To the extent that, at least in the normal case. Because recently, a glitch on the part of Facebook has led to the fact that the Admins of many of the pages were publicly visible.

As Wired reported, the Bug for several hours last Thursday until Friday. In this time, could be any user on the processing history of a Facebook ads post, wherein the Name of each of the edit Admins will be given.

In relevant forums of the course, among other things, the name of the operator of the Facebook Pages of politicians like Vladimir Putin, Hillary Clinton and Justin Trudeau, but also the climate, according to the incident-active ISIN Greta Thunberg, as well as of the musician Snoop Dogg, and the action artist Banksys.

Meanwhile, the glitch has been resolved, according to Facebook, but for some operators of the Social Media platform allowed for Doxing could have unpleasant consequences. Because it’s not just for administrators of fan pages for celebrities and corporate anonymity is important to protect your privacy. Even more problematic is the publication of the operators account for those critical of the government Facebook pages from countries with difficult political conditions.