Dash moves in the upward trend in 2020

Is over the “price drought” when Dash finally? It looks as if the currency would finally let the poor year 2019 behind.

Parallel to Bitcoin and many other Coins

Similar to Bitcoin and various Altcoins on the Dash is not a Token for 2019, with the best will only positive times are in the past. The System, which is similar to the Bitcoin Blockchain focuses on the approach to Proof of Work in connection with the Mining, delivery through a more than eventful year. If you look at the Dash of the course in the 12-month Chart, was marked shock the Phase since may of 2019 by many. Although the currency was able to intercept up to mid-June for the losses recorded in the short term and in the summer the trip to the top in the direction of the brand, more than 170 US dollars. But then it went gradually – partly even in very big steps downhill with the course. So that was Dash, very similar to many other Coins, which had to cope with since the summer, also some of the correction.

Good for investors, who were only the start; bad for Dash-Fans who had previously invested at a higher rate in the currency.

Successful start to the Year for Dash – not only because of the Updates

The better exchange 2019/2020 presents Dash around the year. Here, too, the Dash has clear Parallels to some of the other currencies on the market. For example, the current Dash Trend was, so to speak, in the wind shadow of the Bitcoin gains. More important seems to be from an analytical point of view, that it has given in connection with the platform to Dash extensive technical updates. Call the value of the Start of the test phase, the Evonet network. The same will according to the development company to a gradual integration into the real Mainnet. Not only through his impressive rise within 24 hours, the led temporarily in the Region above 88 US dollars, earned Dash a current evaluation. Because in addition to the increase of around a third since yesterday, the currency with a view to the whole of the previous year by 2020.

Considerable momentum during the course in the new year

Although there was, according to the current acute increase in a correction at the end of which the Coin arrived back at just 80 USD. In early January, the tokens only cost a little more than 40 USD. With his price boom will come to Dash sure some of the investors in mind, the last made due to the difficult Phase rather a bow to the currency. In fact, the currency reached in the time window of 14 days, an increase of more than 100 %. Since the end of last week, the price rose to around 30 dollars. Also the development of some optimistic analysts as a proof, that by 2020, could lead back to the old strength of the market. An increasing recognition in the Mainstream and a clear set of regulations and reporting obligations in countries such as Austria could not have solely negative effects on the sector, even if this mention of some crypto-Enthusiast like to offer a word of warning.

Featured Image: By Peggy and Marco Lachmann-Anke | Pixabay