DappRadar discovered a “Hidden activity” in Ethereum (ETH) network

The network is Ethereum (ETH) according to DappRadar significant, hidden quantities of transactions in in. As the data aggregator noted, have not been considered in the past, all Token Transfers in the Ethereum network. Therefore, DappRadar has recently changed its methodology to find additional activities. Once the data aggregator has added advanced features for the ERC20-Token-Tracking, and discovered DappRadar around 73 million dollars of hidden 7-day volume in the ETH network.

Decentralized applications are still a relatively young industry, but in the last year made significant progress. However, since several major networks compete for the same market share, it is increasingly important to keep track of these Apps to determine which market segments are up and Coming. As the largest and dominant dapp-platform Etherum in the last few years was at the top of the dapp-development and over 60 percent of the dapp has made trading volume on the market.

How DappRadar noted, could Ethereum be an even bigger player, as earlier data suggest, as a new type of tracking has shown that there are billions of non-recorded volume in the network. According to DappRadar ETH dapps will be calculated on the total volume of all of the ETH-based ERC20-tokens, the go through their Smart Contracts,. Although this is a small Change in the Tracking metrics of the company. As a result, the company was able, however, to draw a more realistic picture of the market.

The new function shows that the Ethereum network actually has a higher value than expected. At the Moment, the Ethereum activity is based on the address of activity, when the number of users is measured. For the new function, the economic activity of the network is measured on the basis of the value of the digital assets.

As a result, it was found in the Ethereum network, a shift, with Maker DAO has become the second most dApp in the network. In addition, the DeFi-activity is increased, with the resulting increase in Token transfer. Based on DappRadar Maker DAO has a value of 2.2 million ETH and approximately 2,800 daily users. The DeFi-activity currently has to fight with the correction of the ETH-market prices. However, liquidations were avoided for the time being by using automated credit repayments on DeFi Saver.

Skirmantas Januskas, co-founder and CEO of DappRadar, said that the new type of measurement of the dapp-would result in an increase in the volume of the transparency of the value creation on the Ethereum block Chain. This is particularly advantageous for decentralized exchanges that support the ERC20-Token-trading. DappRadar noted that the decentralized exchange (DEX) ForkDelta, which was previously a 7-day-ETH-volume of 778.000 USD, at 19. February an additional weekly transaction volume of 16.8 million USD.

This is just one example of the have been included in trade volumes. The company said that the to Add a new Tracking metric increased the 7-day volume of trading on Ethereum from $ 27 million to just over $ 100 million. This means that in the last week, $ 73 million more for the network Ethereum in circulation.

Nearly $ 40 million in volume came from the decentralized crypto-exchanges in the network, while the gambling was only 311.000 Dollar volume measure. The Rest of the newly discovered volume of about 33.5 million dollars, comes from the DeFi-Apps. The latest data from DappRadar show that the growth platforms DeFi and DEX are not a fad, but a new, recognized industry-create is here to stay.

Featured Image: Wit Olzewski| Shutterstock