Damage Ripples sales the XRP market price?

Criticism of Ripples in sales, there was often. Weiss Ratings referred to the measures again as a disadvantage for the course of the Token price.

Ripple reduced volume of the trust account again and again

The analysis of the credit rating Agency Weiss Ratings, we have already been reported. The independent experts regularly discuss developments in the crypto market. Again and again, to ask the analysts, for example, the movements in market capitalisation. But also with other issues relating to the changes in the industry, the company looks. In the current case, it is, among other things, what might be the consequences of the last sales at Ripple (XRP) for digital currencies. Here, Weiss Ratings critical of the extensive transactions from the past month is quite harsh. Even the term “Dumping” in the analysis of the Agency. Actually, it is a condemnation of the measures taken by the provider itself. Regularly, the Agency estimates published on the importance of Coins as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Also, of course, Ripples XRP to language comes in.

Ripple sold too many tokens since time immemorial?

On average, steadily expanding company, Ripple has thrown since the end of the year 2017 per month each to a billion XRP on the market. The quotas were always from the collection of the company’s own escrow account. That these activities were useful and relevant for the Ripple rate is called into question by the analysis firm Weiss Ratings in the current analysis. On the first day of a new month, the new volume has been released in the said amount. Given the price movements in the last period, the experts see no positive impact on the market. It is not the first criticism of this practice. Also, the Community expressed repeatedly rather negatively to the measures. The changes in the price of the critical attitude seem to lift right.

On the Social Media platform Twitter attested to Weiss Ratings, recently, that the Ripples of growth, in rather a negative way influenced. In the new opinion, explicitly talks about the latest sale from the beginning of the year 2020, the equivalent of the equivalent of about 192 million US dollars.

Many Coins come back in the previous inventory

The result was that the activities in the home Ripple made generally for pressure. Many holders of XRP could have a sale to make. Ripple itself has already several times expressed that the actions take by the sale-no influence on the price. This Statement is supported for example by the company Grayscale Investments. There it is with a view to the centralization in comparison to Alternatives such as other currency systems such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, XRP is two competitors is still a piece ahead. In the Q3 of the year 2019, the sales of the equivalent of 250 million USD fell to 66.2 million USD in the said period. In addition, Ripple aims to reduce its release of its own Token to continue in the year 2020. Especially since: There is allegedly a significant reverse flow on the above-mentioned escrow account. Since October of 2019, the value should have been over 90%. Whether Ripples of its own annual report will confirm this data?

Featured Image: Miloslav Hamřík | Pixabay