Craig Wright’s courier has brought a list with 16,000 Bitcoin addresses

The bonded-standing courier who should deliver the “ key parts“ that are necessary to unlock the encrypted files, in which Craig assets is Wright’s alleged Bitcoin, has finally arrived and has driven the price of BSV to the top.

The lawyers of the Kleiman-estate, however, say that the keys are only a list of 16.404 public addresses, and added that they were provided no information about the messenger or the message he brought, available.

Craig Wright is many things – a chief scientist at nChain, the self-proclaimed Creator of Bitcoin, the most important advocate for Bitcoins most unpopular offshoot of Bitcoin, Satoshi’s Vision (BSV). One thing Wright is not, however, is seemingly a truth-teller. Wright saw to the end of the year caused a stir when he alleged that a customs seal standing courier with the lack of information for the development“ of its alleged Bitcoin-assets is required, will arrive in January 2020, and the price of Bitcoin, SV got off to a rarely-before-seen Bullrun. Yesterday, Wright and his team of lawyers submitted a communication to the court, that the courier is arrived and have forwarded the information he brought back, on the Kleiman-attorney team.

“Dr. Wright tells the court that a third party has provided the necessary information and the key parts to Unlock the encrypted file, and Wright a list of his Bitcoin, as the magistrate judge disposed of the plaintiffs today presented,” it said in the note.

The news shook the crypto industry, but many have reported falsely about the development and said that Wright had put the private keys to the addresses where alleged $ 8 billion is assets available. Wright’s last message is nothing more than an attempt, the process delay was. The plaintiff in the proceedings, reacted quickly to the monumental information and submitted on the 14. January a request has been received, in which you proposed an Amendment to the schedule of the hearing. The lawyers of the Kleimans applied for periods of a 90-day postponement of the Hearing and all the relevant Part, since you need more time to make the case adequately to the hearing to prepare.

According to the Kleiman-attorney team you can’t say whether the three month extension will in fact be sufficient, since Wright has put in his last message, more than just “slices” of information available. That’s because the access to the in the case referred to encrypted files key required-parts contained only a list of 16.404 addresses. The tone of the communication, which was submitted by the Kleiman-estate, clearly shows that you have of Wright’s lies just enough. Stephen Palley, a lawyer for the Blockchain, and virtual currencies at Anderson Kill, said that Wright’s behavior raises more questions than it answers.

“So, I’m not saying that the list is authentic or not. I’m just saying that this is a type, the two Federal judges in fact, as liars have referred to and he has just opened a new Pandora’s box. It might not be good,“ he tweeted.

As Wright has 10 days to respond to the question raised by the plaintiff to the courier, it will remain the case until the end of the month in a state of limbo. Until then, it could be used both in the case of Bitcoin, as well as in BSV to further exchange rate fluctuations.

Featured Image: Iaremenko Sergii | Shutterstock