Congressman receives first Bitcoin to Litecoin Summit

The adaptation of crypto currencies is essential for its dissemination and acceptance in the world. Political decision-makers against Bitcoin often skeptical, so that Bitcoin enjoys in the Public continues to have a mixed reputation. It is even more important to observe, that Bitcoin enthusiasts like Bobby Lee, of the policy.

Former Congressman Ron Paul took to his first Bitcoin, while Litecoin Summit in Las Vegas. The crypto-friendly former U.S. presidential candidate received the Bitcoin (BTC) from Bobby Lee, the co-founder of BTCC, China’s first Bitcoin exchange, and the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ballet, a Startup that aims to promote the global adoption of Bitcoin and crypto currencies forward. Lee gave Paul the Bitcoin, at a value of about 9,300 dollars on a ballet wallet. Ballet produces Wallets, with the user many of the most popular crypto-currencies can save. It supports the three largest by market capitalization – Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP as well as Litecoin. The Wallet stores the Assets offline, in order to protect you from Online hackers, and thus corresponds to the category of Cold Wallets. In addition, Ballet Crypto, an optional App for the Android as well as iOS may, to Send the Assets, to Review of the market and to activate additional currencies are enabled.

Forgot to mention, I also gave Dr. @Ron Paul his first #Bitcoin, loaded into a nice @ballet crypto gold-plated REAL Bitcoin wallet.

It was a special serial number AA000820 to match his birthday! And he loves the #Gold color. 😊

— Bobby Lee – Ballet: Simple & Elegant Wallet (@bobbyclee) November 2, 2019

Paul is an advocate of the current monetary system and believes in the separation of money and state. At the beginning of the week, Paul spoke on the Litecoin summit and highlighted the great Power of the governments (freely translated):

Two things that you have made with money – you have had the money and the money process Monopoli.

In his opinion, the best opportunities for innovation exist, if the current is centrally replaced the banking business by new smart technologies (freely translated):

A group like this is much further away from the conditions of society – morally, socially and economically – because the System is based on debt and the debt is not forever able to keep. No matter what happens today, people think that it will always remain so. And now you say that the stock market rises to 50,000 and 60,000, but it’s all a fake. This is false wealth.

When the reproduction of money through Printing of money – that is what the Fed is doing is a step in the direction of wealth, everyone who believes that this is wrong. It diluted the wealth. It distorts the wealth. It causes bad investments. It encourages big government. It encourages borrowing. It encourages people to student loans in the trillions of dollars. And at the Moment, our country wants that the whole world is faced with high debt

He is also sharp in the criticism of the United States of America, and prophesied that the United States is in the final stages as the world (freely translated):

The American Empire is on its last legs, and it will end, and it will be hard and rough. But the more we know and understand, the more we can help in the preparation. The better we are physically and morally, but also financially viable, the better we will be off.

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