Company more open to blockchain data transfer to authorities – Coin Hero

German companies can now better imagine transferring data to authorities via blockchain. However, as a new study shows, the framework conditions would then also have to be right.

Study confirms rethinking in many German companies

Recently there were repeated reports about how the blockchain could change the official life also in Germany in the coming years. And the Federal Government also seems to be increasingly addressing this issue in order to finally integrate the technological possibilities more strongly into its own structures. High time if believes a current study conducted by YouGov as well as eco. The results of the survey show that more than 80 percent of companies in Germany have long wished for developments towards an optimized digital exchange of data with government authorities. According to government plans, the blockchain should and will certainly play a role in this.

Although the confidence in the blockchain grows only slowly

First cities such as Hamburg, for example, are already discussing their own coin, which could establish itself on the market alongside the Bitcoin or Ripple – albeit certainly more on a regional level and on a small scale. However, the study also reveals a continuing problem: about one in two decision-makers in German companies reports that they do not yet have sufficient confidence in digital data transfer. But it is precisely this point that experts see as an advantage. The Blockchain could score here by neutrality and transparency. The fact that transactions within the systems are characterised by a very high level of protection against counterfeiting could also speak for itself, as does the use of the blockchain.

The highest priority is given to data security

In this context, the survey also shows that the confidence of many companies is increasing at least slowly compared to previous evaluations. Citizens are also increasingly able to imagine the exchange of data with public authorities on a purely digital level without visiting the Office. In addition, two out of three companies now have demands for government funds for data protection when company data is later transferred to authorities via block chains.