CoinFlip: ATM-operator integrated Stellar lumen

Also in Germany the network for Bitcoin ATMs is growing. In the US, customers of coin-flip can now purchase Stellar lumen at the ATM.

Great provider expands offerings for customers

The market for crypto-machines – the so-called ATM – is hard fought. The leading operators of Terminals to provide a head-to-head race. According to current data, the analysis platform “Coinatmradar” is the company, with a market share of just over eight per cent at the forefront when it comes to buying bitcoins at the ATM. CoinFlip but with almost seven percent, meanwhile, in the second place, in front of CoinCloud in 3rd place with a little more than six percent market share. CoinFlip is currently implementing further Expansion. Conceivably an extension of the business model to locations outside the U.S. some analysts suggest that, where the company operates 455 Terminals.

XLM in good Coin society at the vending machines

First of all, the manufacturer wants to conquer, but once the other States with its Service. From the upcoming growth could also benefit the System by Stellar lumen, if investors in supermarkets and at filling stations in 40 States in the USA money in digital currencies to invest. Because, according to messages of the previous No. 2 on the ATM market of the Token XLM is a new part of the Portfolio of the service provider. Thus, the selection of the Token, the can buy customers from the vending machine grows to a total of eight. Of course, some of the leading currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin include. Furthermore, Tron, Dash, Komodo and Chainlink are available. Payments to the vending machine at the moment, by the way, either with cash or credit cards.

CoinFlip on the way to the ATM-to-peak in the United States

In addition, the CoinFlip customers can access now via the platform of the service provider on their Hardware Wallets of the world’s well-known vendor Ledger. As one of the main advantages of a lot of Fans see anonymous purchases, the U.S. machines only from a purchase price of USD 900 up no proof of identity is required. From this value, namely, the so-called Know-Your-Customer-rich lines of attack. What is XLM is an important step to more acceptance in the real world, constitutes for the coin-flip, the logical consequence of the growth plans. To CoinFlip is not part of the provisionally targeted to set Up 20 new machines per week, but also the Expansion of the currency diversity of ATM in the United States. Clear goal: to be No. 1 in The global industry.

Featured Image: By mohamed Hassan | Pixabay