Cardano (ADA) accepted as a payment option for coworking spaces worldwide

The Swiss crypto currency Cardano (ADA) is to solve problems of modern financial Economics and provides a broad Toolkit of various applications. However, the adaptation to advance further, is ADA as a means of payment in thousands of Coworking accepts Spaces in the world.

Cardano (ADA) crypto-currency payments are now supported in ToStart, the first well-established Coworking Space in Sasebo, Japan. This living and working concept is primarily aimed at a mix of Content Creators, web designers, programmers and entrepreneurs from various industries, who are motivated, a new crypto-friendly, and non-cash working to create environments.

According to the organizers of ToStart the demand for such services are increasing rapidly (freely translated):

In the last few years, Coworking Spaces have established themselves as a new type of shared office environment more and more. These spaces around the world, with 1300 new locations per month, including 200 in Japan alone.

Cardano positioned in the native crypto-currency ADA at the top of the Coworking Trends and meet the Mission of the company, our Communities and our regular meeting to build up points, the ADA accept and use on a regular basis. Emurgo, the Finanzarm of Cardano, connects with local merchants in order to promote the acceptance and the Integration of ADA-payments in everyday life (freely translated):

Thus, the future of the Blockchain becomes a reality, the Blockchain technology through campaigns that raise awareness, such as the intrusion, the implementation of ADA-payments, in the daily life of Mainstream users.

Since the ADA crypto currency is the most famous aspect of the Cardano-is a project for the everyday user, is Emurgo strive to increase the number of traders and shopkeepers, the Cardano-ADA-payments via our self-developed Yoroi Wallet to accept, to bring it more into the Mainstream.

Another Japanese merchant, ToStart, is now accepting payments using ADA! ToStart is a coworking space based in Sasebo City. See our blog for more details👇 #Cardano #ADA #EMURGOhttps://t. co/y6Yw2642qt

— EMURGO (@emurgo_io) 8. October 2019

At the end of June Emurgo Cardano ADA-payments at Yakiniku Tamura, a led, a charcoal grill barbecue restaurant in Osaka, which is operated by Japanese comedian Kenji Tamura. Emurgo has also cooperated with the South Korean Fintech companies Metaps Plus to the ADA crypto gift card to bring out for use at over 30,000 retailers in the whole of South Korea.

The adaptation of crypto currencies is essential for its dissemination and use in everyday life responsible. The adaptation is increasing daily, however, also need to clarify the legal framework around the world and will be created. Because it is only when there is a global consensus and Conformity in this field, you can summarize a distribution in the Mainstrum feet and the people all over the world to connect with each other. The EU is currently discussing what Europe-wide basis, the co-existence of crypto-currencies and the traditional financial system in synergy to flourish. Currently, there is no agreement or catalog may look like a such a base. It remains to be seen what could be the first results seen.

Featured Image: kaprik | Shutterstock