Buying gold with Bitcoin via BitPay at OneGold possible

Investing in Bitcoin and Gold can complement one another perfectly. The Portal OnePay, investors can now pay Gold even in BTC and other tokens.

OneGold could close the gap between Coins and precious metals

New year, new luck. This Credo also applies to investors interested in the Bitcoin and Altcoins. You ask a convinced follower of digital currencies according to your choice for 2020, the answer is often: More acceptance in the ordinary course of trade, and closer Links between the crypto market and other financial and investment areas on the other side. In the last-mentioned point, the platform OneGold since this week, with the date 13.01.2019 a new link. The company has achieved this through collaboration with the provider BitPay, the payment system is now on the trading platform for transactions. It asks crypto-pioneers, should be this Option for purchases made on the Portal basically only a beginning.

Bitcoin could establish itself increasingly in addition to Gold

For more and more investors, namely, digital currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum to get a similar importance to the precious metal Gold. The latter is considered by many investors has always been seen as the proverbial safe port, if the economy and thus the stock sector is bad. Bitcoin and co. benefited in the past, repeated problems on the stock markets and bad economic news. The limited availability of Bitcoins on the market is also a Parallel to the Gold. Some people in the BTC is the new Gold, A look at the Bitcoin price over the last two to three years can confirm this. The Service extension at the home of OneGold, customers of the service provider in the convenient location, to be able to their precious metal purchases and sales with the in-house App on the go via a Smartphone can perform.

Not only in Bitcoin can be paid for buying gold

Gold is a possible Investment from the Portfolio of the platform. For BitPay, the cooperation is, in fact, just another logical step, because the payment service already has a global network. Users of the service can now be according to the provider of almost 30,000 different services in a challenging and in digital currencies such as Bitcoin to pay. Other usable currencies, Bitcoin, Cash, and Ether are also. In addition, the BitPay lists various so-called stable coins. To call Paxos, Circle, and Gemini of dollars at this point. In order to make customers use tasty, granted OneGold in connection with BitPay for the time being, a discount of two percent on the purchase of gold. As long as the discount is granted is not known.

Featured Image: Linda Hamilton | Pixabay