Bundesverband passes policy Blockchain-action paper

Of the German Blockchain strategy of some of the Investor promised a lot. The Blockchain, the Association of the implementation is still too slow.

Association: strategy must be implemented quickly, including

When it comes to claims on the part of various interest groups to a faster implementation of a clear legal situation, it isn’t necessarily crypto-exchanges, wallet services and the trading with Bitcoin and Altcoins. A good example is the latest news from Germany. Some politicians keeps the current plans of the Federal government for quite sufficient, particularly since even in a timely manner digital securities of different types in a view. It’s probably mainly for the development of the so-called Blockchain strategy managers who hold the project for a good approach in the sense of a crypto-Germany as a location. The Blockchain Association demonstrates, however, currently, dissatisfaction, if the legal framework is. The policy did not want to oppose the last of the Libra Stablecoin of Facebook clear rules.

The Association wants to give politics a wide variety of stimulation to the Hand

The industry Association has produced even a private action paper, to help with the policy on the jumps. The paper include according to media reports, a wide variety of possible Use Cases for the technology of the Blockchain. For Florian Gatz, in his capacity of President of the Association, are not simply fast enough progress in Germany. It is no less than a “race”, the States and business locations provided around the young technology in the meantime. All 20 pages of the Association’s Plan, significant opportunities for the application of the Blockchain to show. Germany, Gatz, should not leave too much time in the creation of the necessary legal clarity, otherwise, the country risks losing the connection to the world.

The Minister bear has taken the document in the reception

What has brought the government in September of the previous year, on the way, may have been from the point of view of the Association, therefore, is only a beginning. Now, the policy would have to show that you really mean it. The paper has the Board yesterday, with confidence in the hands of the German Minister of state Dorothee Bär passed; Baer signed for the sector “Digital” is responsible. The interest of the politicians had been as the President of the Association announced. Not least of all, the aforementioned digital securities in the piece of writing should play a role, the Federal government had indicated as I said, even on the ideas of electronic government bonds and other Assets. In the context of the energy transition, the Association also sees opportunities, for example with regard to the detectability of the origin of electricity. It does not have to go always only to trade with Ethereum, Bitcoin and other crypto coins.

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