Börse Stuttgart: Crypto currencies could be asset class

In the past weeks it became known that the Stuttgart stock exchange will offer a trading place for speculations with Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. Now nobody expressed itself lesser than Michael Völter, its indication executive committee boss of the security stock exchange with an estimate to the chances of the crypto market.

New trading model allows crypto investments per app

The assessment of the chairman of the board of the “Vereinigung Baden-Württembergische Wertpapierbörse e.V.” is quite optimistic. Now this may be obvious in a way due to the new offer of the No. 2 among the German financial centers. Nevertheless, it is a good sign if a large German stock exchange decides to enter and crypto trade and its own app called “Bison” decides to trade. In a first step, the app allows the purchase and sale of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple, while the operator also offers the prospect of expansion.

Digital currencies soon stable investment alongside stocks and funds?

In the current difficult market situation, this is an important signal, not only for German interested parties. In any case, Völter expresses in current interviews the assessment that digital currencies can become an independent and successful asset class. From the point of view of the Stuttgart Stock Exchange, crypto currencies could be an interesting future path, especially as a means of payment. The stock exchange is aware of its responsibility. The fact that the structures for trading and payments only exist to a limited extent is not an obstacle for the CEO, but rather an incentive.

Financial sector must offer investors secure infrastructure

Börsen, Finanzdienstleister and banks are in the responsibility to create appropriate infrastructures, so that the young asset class can develop further and establish itself. As expected, the expert does not allow himself to be carried away by price forecasts. However, Völter does not see the fact that crypto prices show such high volatility as a lack of seriousness, but rather as a typical feature of new asset classes. Uniform standards for trading can and should offer interested parties security in the future. Not only in Germany, because the Bison app will later also conquer Europe if the test phase is successful at the beginning of the year.