Börse MapleChange allegedly hacked by criminals

Even if it does not concern with the crypto stock exchange concerned with seat in Alberta in Canada straight a giant of the industry, then the hacker message is nevertheless exemplary approximately around MapleChange. Because the alleged attack shows how quickly rumors about fraud are created.

Platform has been removed from the net for now

Many customers were certainly astonished when they suddenly could no longer access their accounts at the MapleChange crypto exchange from Canada, which contain Bitcoin or other currencies, late on Sunday. The swap meet had put its site offline at short notice, after an alleged hack by unknown perpetrators is said to have taken place. At least for the time being, the company also said goodbye to its appearances in the social media such as Twitter. In parallel with the possible temporary suspension of the exchange offer, the company also reported that it was no longer possible to make payments to customers for the time being. This means that customers can temporarily not buy or sell crypto currencies.

Is it fraud against your own customers?

The messages are currently somewhat contradictory. The investigations must now apparently first show whether it was a fault in the platform or a targeted attack from the outside. Anyway, MapleChange confirmed that several users had been able to retrieve money due to a bug. Refunds to affected customers should only be made after completion of the educational work, it was said before the account deletion via Twitter. As expected, speculations about a so-called “exit fraud” due to an allegedly high debt mountain of the company were not long in coming. Also larger media participate in the speculations and do not understand, why MapleChange did not only suspend its platform, but also the Social Media work.

Unclear situation for customers of the Canadian crypto exchange

The Bitcoin reserves of the stock exchange amounting to 913 BTC have disappeared in any case according to the current statements. Based on current exchange rates, this corresponds to a total volume of approximately USD six million. So it remains exciting to see whether those responsible want to get out of the affair illegally, as in other cases on the market, or whether the problems were really caused by criminals.