Blockchain as a chance for elections – what do crypto currencies do?

While many people are thinking about the exchange rates of the digital currencies, there are other analysts who think that the blockchain has a good chance in connection with the US mills. But the subject itself remains difficult.

The Role of Blockchain Technology in the Elections in the USA

The 06.11.2018 is currently the most important deadline in the United States. Because then the election campaign in Congress and the Senate will finally begin. In both cases, however, the blockchain known from crypto currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum could offer technical possibilities. At any rate, this is what many IT professionals from Germany and the USA claim. What the social media were in the last elections could do in the next elections with blockchain technologies. The good thing: Bots on portals like Facebook or Twitter could be invalidated.

Crypto currencies rather insignificant in US elections

The future of upcoming elections could now be blockchain technology, as it is less susceptible to manipulation than said social media platforms. Pilot tests are to be carried out in some US states: In West Virginia, for example, soldiers stationed there could vote via smartphones on the blockchain in the upcoming midterm elections. What should work in the USA could also work in other countries such as Japan or Switzerland in the future. The problem is and remains the question of how to prove who exactly voted for whom. Online elections are and will remain a hot topic.

As likely as digital options are for the near future as well. The systems to Litecoin or Dash and other Coins must become more comprehensible for this purpose. But that’s exactly what the crypto currency followers don’t want. New approaches are therefore needed to participate in elections. Nevertheless, there are already first attempts to integrate voters with their wallets.