Bitmain opens up huge Bitcoin Mining Farm in Texas, USA

The Bitcoin Mining giant Bitmain has launched a new U.S. plant, which could become the largest Mining operation in the world. The newly-built, 33,000 acres of great Farm is a positive step for reducing the geographical dominance of the Chinese Bitcoin Mining.

The Chinese Mining Hardware giant Bitmain has taken in Rockdale, Texas, is a 50 MW (Megawatt) – strong crypto-currency-Mining-Farm in operation. In a press release dated 21. October confirmed the managers of Bitmain that the latest Bitcoin Mining Farm was opened in Rochdale, Texas. On the 33.000-acre site will initially operate a 50-Megawatt Farm. The overall performance could increase in the future, but six-fold, and at 300 megawatts, said Bitmain. The new Bitcoin Mining Farm should reach this value, it would be the location of Texas to the biggest Mining Farm in the world.

Clinton Brown, senior project Manager at Bitmain said:

We are very much looking forward to this system, which is responsible for the global expansion plans of Bitmain is of importance. The stable and efficient energy resources in Texas are of fundamental importance for the inevitable extent of the growth of the crypto currency industry.

Sheldon Bennett, COO of Bitmain added:

This Mining plant is an important milestone in the development of the Mining-farming industry.

The Work for the project began already in the year 2018. For the construction and operation of the Texas plant Bitmain has entered into a partnership with the Rockdale Municipal Development District, and the canadian technology company DMG Blockchain Solutions. Bitmain said that its construction will continue to build the 50-MW plant and then expand later to 300 MW. The DMG will manage the Mining plant in Texas and operate. Bitmain will draw power directly from the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), which operates the electricity network in Rockdale. The stable and efficient energy resources in Texas are of fundamental importance for the inevitable growth of the crypto currency industry,“ said Clinton Brown, Lead Project Manager of Bitmain for Rockdale.

The announcement comes at a crucial time for Bitmain that followed its initial public offering (IPO) in the US still. The main competitor of Bitmain in the field of mining, Canaan Creative has at least won this race, as it announced last month with an IPO in the amount of 200 million US dollars.

In the course of the year 2019, the total percentage of Bitmain on Bitcoin-Hashrate-cake is gone back. Like Christopher Walken, co-founder of the Mining Startups HASHR8, noted, the pool of Bitmain currently, only about 27% of the total volume. In contrast, this number was in January, at 42%. This, as commentators have previously warned, has given to a single company almost in control of the half of the Bitcoin Hash Rate.

For walking the Trend, however, is not a reason for concern. People complain that the (Bitcoin-)Hashrat is centralized to. But this is one of the most even Splits I’ve ever seen,“ he summarized, and uploaded on Saturday comparison charts.

Just last week, the Digital Currency Group (DCG) supported company Layer1 has collected 50 million dollars for the construction of Mining Chips and the operation of its own power plants in Texas. To bought this purpose, the company of a dozen acres of Land in the city.

Featured Image: morrowind | Shutterstock