Bitcoin SV increases to 88% – rumors of Craig Wright fuel rate

The controversial Bitcoin Hard Fork Bitcoin SV (BSV) has experienced in the last few days, a solid upward trend, which enabled the price to go on a parabolic rally which led the price today on the all-time high of 313 USD.

The rally, however, has drawn the wrath of some analysts and prominent crypto-Community members, and recent surveys indicate that the majority of market participants believes that the BSV is an “Exit Scam”, designed as a so-called “get rich quick scheme” for its founder. Although you can’t tell whether this feeling is correct or not, it seems the bulls to be the Bitcoin SV no matter, because the crypto currency broke the psychologically important $ 300 mark today with ease by. At the time of writing Bitcoin is SV almost 88 percent higher than 24 hours ago, and is at a price of 320 US dollars.

Very few (if any) crypto-analysts have said such an increase before. In spite of the reported volumes, some analysts are convinced that the BSV is a manipulated market. Calvin Ayre, billionaire and supporter of the BSV, refuted the allegations of Manipulation, he tweeted that the current bullish Momentum to be a factor for the Usefulness of the BSV and not just luck or Manipulation. A lot of analysts, however, warn that the long-term prospects could be adversely affected by the fact that, according to recent polls, nearly 60 percent of market participants believe that it is an “Exit Scam”.

Is a $BSV exit scam in progress?

— Alistair Milne (@alistairmilne) January 11, 2020

This survey was carried out recently by Alistair Milne – a popular figure within the crypto-Community, the heads of the Altana Digital Currency Fund – tweeted, has conducted a survey with over 4,500 participants, with a whopping 58.4 percent believe that the BSV is an Exit Scam, while only 18.6% do not believe that it is an Exit Scam The results of this survey illustrate certainly is the image problem of Bitcoin SV, but it remains unclear whether this is sufficient to affect the long-term prospects of the company.

What is really behind the current rally?

The best explanation for the current Pump, the rumors about the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto, the Australian computer scientist Craig Wright, which have been fueled in the last seven days are to be found. According to the Screenshot that were posted, among other things, by Arthur van Pelt, co-founder of the Fintech company’s Dragon Industries, on Twitter, seems Wright to confirm that he has received the last part of the private key from the so-called Tulip Trust. The key to more than a Million Bitcoins (BTC), which was allegedly mined in the early days of crypto currency.

The Screenshots seem to come from a Slack-Chat, show Wright with the words “Next week we file” and “already arrived”, which probably refers to the missing part of the key, and its intention this next week at a court in Florida to submit. Pelt tweeted, but also a clear warning with the Screenshots, stating: “This is nothing less than a fake, a fraud, a Pump ‘n’ Dump, orchestrated by the people at the helm”.

And don’t get me wrong here. This is nothing less than a fabricated scam, a pump ‘n’ dump orchestrated by the people on the helmet.

Don’t trade on this, ever. Stay out.https://t. co/x5nKBjsHFL

— Arthur van Pelt – Dragon Industries (@MyLegacyKit) January 13, 2020

Already in may 2019, there was a similar rally, which was largely due to the fake messages, which circulated in China course. The fake message claimed at the time that Craig Wright had successfully proved that he is Satoshi. The current Pump could be a repetition of the events.

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