Bitcoin Halving will force the Miner only in the short term, in the knee

The Halving of Bitcoin in the last weeks, a much-discussed topic. Speculation over the event attracted great attention recently due to the increasing search volume for “Bitcoin Halving” in the last month.

Since the Bitcoin Mining is fundamentally associated with the Halving, led Longhash recently, an Interview with the representatives of the two world’s largest Bitcoin Mining pool, F2Pool and Poolin, about how the Mining might be after the Halving of Bitcoin look like.

If the BTC price after the Halving, between 6,000 and 7,000 U.S. dollars

The theme of the profitability of mining was discussed concerns following the conference, largely as a main. Many were of the opinion that the block rewards, after they have been set to 6.25 BTC down, Cash Flow could cause problems for both large and small Mining companies. Mao Shixing, co-founder of F2Pool, hinting that further machines are in front of an inevitable shutdown. He said:

If the price of Bitcoin to remain in the current range between 6,000 to $ 7,000, will be switched off after the Halving will inevitably be more machines. The fall from the 12. March has already led to a number of machines have been decommissioned. But we can still try to improve their efficiency and reduce their costs.

Alejandro De La Torre, Vice President of Poolin, expressed concerns about a further decline in the Hash Rate, but believes that this could potentially lead to long-term stability. The remark of La Torre is useful as a short-term decline in the Hash Rate, it might allow others in the Mining to enter. This new Miner would be able to get the rewards for the next four years, and historically, the BTC increased prices until after the Halving periodically. In view of the above assessment also Kraken’s Dan Hero remains unconcerned about the scenario after the Halving. In an Interview with Hero recently said:

“Bitcoin has a built-in adjustment of difficulty to the variable and get the Hashrate and profitability in the handle, so that the Halving should not be a Problem for the Miner. All it takes for Bitcoin to really are a few pumps and we say that the increase in the price of over 10,000 USD once again, the people will start to talk, and they will buy BTC. I have experienced this three times already, and it will likely happen again and the cycle set in motion.

The Bitcoin Mining for smaller Miner cheaper

In an Interview, Mao revealed an interesting Information, as he explained, that the small Miner would have an advantage over large miners, because the mining industry had become in the last two years for certain small groups affordable. He said:

After years of development, the Mining industry] has made [a sophisticated division of labour, including professional custody teams, and Mining Farms, the Hosting services and current fees for small miners to deploy. Although there is no obvious advantage in comparison to the major miners, has reduced the development of the energy cost of the small Miner to a large extent.

In the long term, Mao came to the conclusion that the Ecosystem, even if the profit margins will be the same after the Halving low, will give the miners enough time to adapt.

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