Bitcoin exchange Bithumb enters the Indian market despite ban

One of the biggest crypto currency exchanges in the world, Bithumb, dares to take a courageous step and opened the Trading for Indian customers. India is considered since several years as a strict advocate of currencies in real of Bitcoin and other Crypto. The more difficult and opaque it seems that the legal situation is.

Bithumb Global, the global expansion of the South Korean stock exchange Bithumb, has announced that it has opened the trade for Indian customers. The step is carried out despite a ban for Indian financial institutions to services in connection with crypto-currencies offer. This ban, which was issued in April of 2018, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), led to the shutdown of several Indian crypto-exchanges, the discovered that they were able to achieve in the regulatory environment, not profit. Zebpay left India in September 2018, Coinome ceased operation in may 2019, Koinex stopped trading in June and crypto kart finally, in July of 2019. The stock exchange operators have fought back legally, and the issue will be taken up by the Supreme Indian court, of the case on 15. October 2019 to clarify.

The step of Bithumb Global can help to convince authorities and the government that crypto currency exchanges, tax beust, a positive contribution to the economic performance of the country. According to the press release of Bithumb the Exchange wants to work together with local stock exchanges, in Partner turn and give you “a solid liquidity base for your growth”. With or without the depleted foreign exchange market he will be one of the largest players of the country. The adjusted 30-day volume of trade is above the 5 billion US Dollar mark, although just finished the Beta Phase at the end of September. For each new registration, Indian users will receive a credit in the amount of 10 USD can be redeemed in the Form of stable coins such as Tether or TrueUSD.

In the meantime, while the RBI’s case moves through the justice system, has examined the government what attitude should you take towards crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin. A government panel recommended the drafting of laws, the currencies of only to the Holding of Crypto illegal eintsufen. The same report suggested that the RBI is considering its own official crypto-currency. It is unclear whether the recommendations of the panel. Because court and legislative decisions in the balance, is the step and push from the Bithumb Global in the Indian market is a bliss. The population of India is about 1.4 billion people, so that this target market can be important for Bithumb and the further growth of crypto currencies.

Many governments of the world have announced that the Cryptocurrencies do not accept and own digital Assets and their output through a Central Institution like the Central Bank of the country work. China is already working since more than 5 years on the development of its own digital currency, which is shortly before the final release. According to the statements of the People’s Bank of China (Central Bank of China) should be brought to the digital Yuan this year on the market. More than 1.4 billion people gain access to digital Assets, its distribution and adaptation could be influenced positively as a result. The actual effects of this can, however, be estimated. It remains to be seen what will be the impact of these developments on the world economy and our everyday lives.

Featured Image: diy13 | Shutterstock