Bitcoin: entry in 4. parabolic Phase & BTC is competition for Central banks?

After the Bitcoin price on may 19. August broke within one hour more than 500 US dollars, was able to develop the course over the weekend, a slight upward dynamics.

Now a prominent Analyst, said the upward trend previously claimed that the Bitcoin in the first half of the year 2019 has been taken that the crypto-currency could be in the early stages of your next parabolic upward trend of the BTC price significantly over the last all-time High of $ 20,000 by December 2017, increase. Peter Brandt stated that Bitcoin may be on the verge of his fourth parabolic Phase.

At the time of writing the Bitcoin price has risen about 2 percent within the last 24 hours and trades at a price of 9.780 USD, which marked a decent increase from the days low of about 9,500 USD. It is likely that the next big target for the cops of BTC will be 10.000 USD has been proved so far as a strong support level.

The price increase comes shortly after Raoul Pal, a popular crypto-analysts on Twitter, its said more than 100,000 followers that he believes that Bitcoin is currently in the vicinity of the bottom of a large Wedge Pattern, could therefore increase the BTC price in the near future:

If you have no Bitcoin $BTC #Bitcoin, then it looks like it would be the last Time that you are going to Board the rocket ship… I love Wedge Pattern like this. You have a high probability of success.

If you don’t have any bitcoin $BTC #bitcoin then this looks like the last time to board the rocket ship…

I LOVE wedge patterns like this. They have a high probability of success.

Good luck. There is a “shit ton” going on in macro land.

— Raoul Pal (@RaoulGMI) September 1, 2019

Pal is not alone when it comes to creating an optimistic mood. Peter Brandt, said the increase in 2019, shortly before his start before that, stated in terms of Pal’s Tweet that it is possible, that BTC entry is currently in his fourth parabolic Phase. “A possibility that $BTC in the fourth parabolic Phase occurred”, said Brandt, and pointed to the below diagram.

Possibility that $BTC has entered the fourth parabolic phase

— Peter Brandt (@PeterLBrandt) September 1, 2019

Although it is still early to know to decided whether or not to Bitcoin in a new parabolic upward trend occurs or not, it is important to note that Bitcoin needs to increase in the coming days and weeks are crucial more than 10,000 USD, to confirm an upward trend.

Crypto-Insider: Bitcoin is the Problem of Central banks

In a new Blog Post for Unchained Capital, a financial services company, the crypto-holders with a cash supplies, argues Parker Lewis, that Bitcoin can affect the monetary policy, in particular, the expansionary monetary policy of Central banks considerably.

In the interest of creating a stable currency that allowed them to buy the expansionary monetary policy of the Central banks, government bonds, mortgage-backed securities and other financial assets from member banks and financial institutions. The Central banks forgive loans “out of the blue”, so that the banks can use to buy securities, increasing the money supply is effectively increased.

While many Economists point to the benefits of the purchase of long-term government debt, claim some critics is that they weaken the foundations of a healthy economy, by creating market distortions, Inflation, rising populism, and larger differences in Wealth.

Lewis writes:

There is a contrasting economic perspective, which argues that the real function of a Central Bank, and the active control of the money supply and harm the economy. The opposing point of view cannot coexist within a Central Bank is convenient because it is contrary to the actual function, which is why a mono-culture exists and why no other course is taken.

Ultimately, the economic debate in the course of the 20 has. Century expanded, and with the end of what has become today’s Mainstream Position. The result is an economic system that is heavily dependent on inflation and lending, both of which are achieved through quantitative easing was.

Since the introduction of Bitcoin, it is now no longer only the subject of an intellectual debate. Instead, we now have two competing monetary systems, which have great contrasts: attempts to create stability through active money management, while the other is tolerated in the interest of maintaining a fixed supply of temporary fluctuations.

In the last ten years has set the Bootstrap entry in the established System, such as the introduction and ever increasing value compared to other currencies show. The decision for Bitcoin means that from the quantitative easing to withdraw, and although it can be a volatile way, the long-term Trend continues, as the Central banks continue to pursue precisely the policy Instrument, the Bitcoin prevents.

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