Binance donates 500,000 USD worth of Bitcoin and Ethereum to flood victims

Recently, Japan was hit by a severe storm that led to severe flooding in the west of the country and the evacuation of 8 million people. Binance immediately took the initiative and collected donations for the victims and transferred the money quickly and securely with the help of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

One of the largest crypto currency exchanges in the world, Binance, is known for its openness to the world and support for weak regions. Following the severe storms that struck Western Japan, Binance immediately acted and announced that it would allocate its list fees for listing crypto currencies on the platform to charitable purposes.

De Blockchain Charity Foundation (BCF), founded by Binance, aims to support global and sustainable development through blockchain technology.

The company’s own report was very quick to provide the victims with 61.09 Bitcoin, equivalent to approximately 50 million JPY. This amount was passed on to the local supporter, also known as “Miss Bitcoin Mai”. She could very quickly and easily convert the entire amount into Fiat and help the victims immediately.

In a second round of donations, Open Japan, another charity, supported the disaster victims and collected a further 169.85 ethers. This corresponds to an approximate value of JPY 5 million. In addition, Binance has initiated its own smaller donations.

After the successful completion of this support for the flood victims, the employees of Opne Japan reported that it was incredibly easy and good to set up and operate a donation crypto account. The transactions were executed immediately at an incredibly low cost. Open Japan states that the organization is very impressed by the functionality as well as its potential (freely translated):

The acceptance of this donation has left us with a deep impression of the crypto currency: both its growing impact on our world and its potential.

This event, as well as in other areas of life and the economy, will show how valuable digital currencies and their technology are for the future. We are curious to see in which further areas these new technologies will enrich and support the world.