Bakkt extends liability insurance coverage and new customers

Bakkt now cooperating with the insurance company Marsh and continues to expand its insurance protection.

The BTC Futures platform was known to institutional liability insurance to expand.

In August 2018, the presented platform offers custody solutions for ICEs Bitcoin-futures exchange, and also entered into a partnership with the well-known insurance broker Marsh.

The cooperation of Bakkt Warehouse and Marsh provides for an increase in the liability insurance from the previous $ 125 million to more than 600 million US dollars.

Bakkt that customers who buy the cover, can now can get about $ 125 million of the company’s access to a kind of “additional insurance”.

In the case of Marsh is a leading insurance broker, on whose services various crypto-companies, such as, for example, a Ledger or trust.

Bakkt Manager Adam White, the test is an important key factor for the interest and involvement of institutional investors. White says, moreover, that the developments in the crypto-show universe, the importance of a trusting environment for digital Assets to be. Through these innovations could crypto also increasingly “institutional investors, traders, and consumers” reach.

Furthermore, the platform announced that they have recently announced that you recently graduated with a SOC 1 type I examination, and completed. This was done through the analysis of-Global-Player KPMG. In addition, through the company of delivery of PricewaterhouseCoopers performed the SOC 2 type II audit. Both assessments help in the relevant financial controls in the business sector, and allow also an assessment of the customer’s data security.

Bakkt has retail acceptance of Kryptos in the view

As usual, works Bakkt to the development of a mobile application, which could enable the company to have access to more than 30 million customers in the retail market.

The progress of the work Bakkt with advanced. As a possible start date, the company at the end of the year. In a company blog post from two financial institutions, the speech, which seem to be on Board is.

According to information from the ICE-powered platform, the App will simplify the crypto use as a means of payment in everyday life. One of the for the Bakkt network belonging to a Partner, the chain of Starbucks is. Some time ago, the platform, repeated, in addition, the company Bridge2 Solutions is in the corporate family. These are all decisions and developments, one of which Bakkt a great contribution in the far-reaching crypto-launch promises.