Antivirus software 2019: Security suites from ESET, G Data and McAfee available

Amazon offers various antivirus programs from ESET, G Data and McAfee. If you want to buy a security suite, you can find bargains here.

In this article we present a current Amazon daily offer in more detail. We grabbed the antivirus software offers for 2019 that Amazon discounted on Thursday. You can bargain if you want to miss out on a reliable security suite for one or more computers because an old (multi-)license expires or you want to switch from free virus scanners.

The “Internet Security 2019” offers on Amazon are annual licenses for one, three, five or even ten devices. McAfee comes with Total Protection 2019 for 10 devices (PC / Mac / Smartphone / Tablet) for 9,69 Euro (Download). Street prices are around 15 euros, outside of promotions the prices can be up to or just over 30 euros. McAfee Antivirus Plus 2019 is available for 8.86 Euro – also as an annual license for ten devices.

Amazon offers ESET Multi-Device Security 2019 as an annual license for five users for 29.99 Euro. Comparative prices including shipping costs are about five euros higher. For users with one or a few computers, ESET Internet Security 2019, which is available as an annual license for one or three devices from Amazon, could be exciting. Prices start at 18,99 Euro. Alternatively, ESET NOD 32 Antivirus is available from 15.99 Euro.

G Data Internet Security 2019 for two Windows and two Android devices costs 22.49 euros in the daily offer at Amazon. Amazon has the current best price, while the competition starts at around 30 euros. G Data Total Security 2019 for three Windows PCs costs you 30.49 euros instead of almost 40 euros compared to other providers.

Browse offers: Amazon antivirus software reduced by up to 40%

The best software for you does not only depend on the number of devices on which you install the antivirus package, of course. See if a package can also protect your smartphones and tablets in the household, for example, what about password management, e-mail support and spam filters for Outlook, Thunderbird and Co.?

McAfee Total Protection manages passwords like G Data Total Security, ESET Multi-Device Security 2019 manages connections to online banking like G Data Internet Security 2019. These and other products may include features such as firewall, cloud management and security, and other useful features. Check and compare which solution meets your needs and fits your budget.