Animal Crossing New Horizons in the Test

Relax in a hammock on the beach, a walk in the wild nature, Create your own furniture, or of the fierce battle with a tarantula at night – Tom Nook’s “Ripe-for-the-island package” brings a lot with it. Animal Crossing is already in place since time immemorial for deceleration. No obligations, no Stress. And just when the world is so much Negative seems to happen, and the messages do not tear off exactly then you want to escape the everyday. The sound of the sea on a deserted island to enjoy. Animal Crossing New Horizons that makes this possible.

On the island, the clocks tick differently

Especially in stressful times like these, makes you can not help feeling, Nintendo could somehow see into the future. As with Animal Crossing: New Horizons gives Nintendo many people in the world exactly what you currently would like to have, but just don’t have a refuge to a Paradise beach. Far away from everyday life and Job, illness or bad news. Because Tom Nooks “Ripe-for-the-island-package” shipped to the player on a distant island, there were only two roommates, and only the most Necessary equipped.

The adventure begins at a leisurely pace – with a first inauguration ceremony on the beach. Because you could imagine the beginning of life on an island be better than to celebrate with friends at the campfire, in the middle of the deepest night? Exactly, these peaceful moments are there, the show time and again that Animal Crossing has always had a knack for it, to banish the stress of everyday life from the own thoughts, and the player completely in their own world to absorb. (Because, like, please what? I’ve already put over AN HOUR in the “Tutorial”? As if! I’ve got my life under control.. so please!)

The bonfire of the everyday Stress is suddenly quite remote!

The whole world in my Hand – thanks to a chic NookPhone

After the joint inauguration of the island by the camp fire, starts own adventure in the outdoors. However as soon as the ceremony is over mood, is the raccoon of our confidence in front of the tent. Because I get my own “NookPhone” – a complete new feature in Animal Crossing New Horizons. This offers numerous Apps which facilitate life on the island a little, and leaves us, therefore, not completely alone out in the rain. Initially, the NookPhone is only equipped with a few functions – for example, a camera mode (the corpses immediately a place in my heart), a map of the island, or a rescue service that settles to a in front of the tent, should you get into trouble.

The most important App in the “NookPhone” miles are the so-called “Nook”. These are a kind of achievement system of the game. For all sorts of activities on the island, these miles can accumulate. Whether for the Catch of 150 fish, or ten Times by wasps got to them – of any aspect of the game was covered by miles. Everyone can choose according to their own preferences, what activities he would most like to pursue.

Many Nook want miles to be collected

Greeted with the first bills

In addition to the NookPhone the Budget will also already mentioned in a tent, a lamp, and a bulky box to bed – the Rest is entirely in the hands of the player. For the first survival package of the “Ripe-for-the-island-package,” thanks, but Tom Nook directly in person with a hefty bill in the amount of 49,800 total Eclipse of the currency in Animal Crossing. AHJA. Well, thank you, you greedy raccoon. So much for relaxation and recreation. Toil and the coal for the fire is announced. I would have to think Yes also. It is, and remains, the epitome of the ultimate Scam, what happens here in these picturesque landscapes that way.

For the first time, the loan can be processed, but also through the collection of “Nook-miles” – and to live simply on the island and to beautify these. The player can decide for himself whether he wants to spend the important miles for this, – or rather for one of the other numerous rewards. For example, exclusive furniture or Nook Inc. inspired clothing. So everyone can save themselves is also one of the ultimate Hawaiian shirts, in which our dubious raccoons on the island run wild.

It is a decision the loan conventionally, with Bells to pay off, just like in past Animal Crossing flowers adventures, to pick, to gather fruit, and to sell fish or insects as profitably as possible. The loan can be paid off directly on the Bank terminal. Is stored by the way, for the first time, always automatically, and you need not to Worry, to lose a Sterni Accidentally.

Oh damn. I would need to know. You cheap raccoon.

In The Case Of Nook, Inc. no wishes remain open – graphical Update included!

Well. Far away from any civilization, and it now needs to come to terms with its own debt is equal to the beginning of the game once again. What a Clever idea, Mr. raccoon. I’m gonna keep me eye on. For us, however, a comforting thought: for the first time, our neighbors have to pay off a loan to Tom Nook. Previously, this was always only when the player himself. This is just one of the moments of the more vibrant world in the New Horizons shows. Because this time, all of the roommates to some of the corners are more active than in the previous Parts. So our animal neighbors, set on the beach, chasing after a fish or the latest insect. Even the raccoons you meet outside of the store, and sees you drinking tea or a good book under the tree to read. This pleased me really well!

To me from my non-existent assets, something to distract, I went the next Morning immediately on the big tour. This falls of the big graphical leap on, which Animal Crossing: New Horizons in comparison to previous offshoots had. The Switch offers significantly more capacity than a Nintendo DS or a Nintendo 64 console and this you feel from the first second. All models have received a major Update and seem to be partially drawn at all loving. In combination with the new guitar Soundtrack in the Background, you will feel really almost like being on holiday.

Should Animal Crossing so far, you gone be here to live as a single man with numerous animals together. In New Horizons received for each of the possible neighbors of the island – and there are now over 460 pieces! – a personalised Make-Over and has been revised and visually adjusted. Some of the animals received a completely new look, others a more modern Look. I definitely had not expected that Nintendo puts so into the stuff.

Also the island itself knows how to impress graphically absolutely. The sun light shines in the late evening hours picturesquely through the trees, their leaves blowing suitable in the Wind. At night, the moon light reflects in the river and of the island, gives a very own atmosphere. Also furniture, flowers and co. have received again a new cut. Especially the new Museum on the island is a highlight. Each individual field – whether it’s insects, butterflies, the large Aquarium, or the gigantic fossil has been completely upgraded. In our gallery you will find just some of the impressions that awaited me on my island adventure.

A sea of customization and tasks

Animal Crossing: New Horizons offers to the player for the first time in the entire Animal Crossing series there is an almost infinite possibility, the own island, its own character, and also the your own home and adapt. So you can let off steam in the everyday island life, absolutely! Because this time, the imagination of the player are really no limits at all.

The main tasks in Animal Crossing New Horizons to Catch insects, fishing for fish, or the Gathering of fruit, and Beautify the island with flowers or home-grown trees. New Horizons adds to the Franchise but this time a whole new Crafting function added: the “Tinkering”! Under the guidance of the greedy, well-known raccoon, Tom Nook, we, furniture and craft learn to create devices for the first time. A previously uninhabited island offers finally, all kinds of raw materials, which is to find it! New recipes can be either purchased, or through your own explorations to learn.

At first, I was able to recover, for example, only a “Wackelaxt”, which, according to the third tree, the temporal blessed. The better the raw materials I found, however, during the exploration, the better my next axe and then later with iron ore instead of wood reinforced! You always had a sense of progress and success, and was happy about every new recipe. I was at the first announcement very skeptical, if I was able to convince this type of Crafting, and whether in a Animal Crossing really the place for this would be. Nintendo could convince me however fully. Hats off!

The craft mode offers numerous recipes, which you can switch during the game free!

Whether flowers, whether stairs, whether water whether country – this time everything is really possible!

Einabsolutes Highlight of New Horizons is also the fact that for the first time, any furniture or decorations in the homes of the player, as well as throughout the island place is – that there has never been in an Animal Crossing offshoot! Gone are the days in which their world consisted only of trees and houses, and people had to settle in order to plant a single flower. Paths can now design yourself, and the imagination has no limits. Do you want an Outdoor Playground? Or would you prefer a fire pit with a cooking field? Oh, wait, there is a Park with benches and fountains may also be? Always give me all the ideas! In the framework of the existing furniture, everything is really possible, and the island can therefore be repeatedly rebuilt and expanded.

New residents no longer drag finally, randomly, in a place of settlement. (Where “random” for me, actually, 99% of my newly created Flower bed directly in front of my house meant.) No, the player himself decides to collect on what is the Position of new residents, where the Museum is, and where the cutter must set up. So you can really plan exactly how your own island city to grow.

Also, the Terrain of the island itself, we can customize after some time. With a “construction worker” mode we can change all the water, rivers, spread or remove it altogether. We can make a waterfall appear, stairs build increases build, the Land is lowered, and Much more. All trees can now be treated without you to chop down forests and to plant new. Typical buildings, such as bridges or benches can continue to be built on the island, and how should it be otherwise, of course, from the player via the Eclipse paid off. Because of friend and helper, you are my last shirt Tom Nook steal to me.

Little tweaks that make island life…

As much as I the previous Animal Crossing parts also loved, there were a lot of them, and me phase, way, almost to a white heat rushed. Because it really needs to be that I have to wear when you Collect fruit, because really, each shell individually? And why, exactly, my bulbs can not be finally decent stack in already limited your backpack size? How often do I need to race more, please, up and down, just to sell everything from the beach?! This and many other problems has Animal Crossing New Horizons on an elegant and charming way. The new part comes with numerous practical features and, above all, many of the Quality-Of-Life Changes.

The inventory has been greatly improved, and so fruit, shells, or resources will be Crafts for the “” automatically in a backpack stacked, up to a size of 30 pieces. Further, the inventory through the use of Nook-miles is constantly enlarge, and it offers even more space for your own discoveries of the Islands. Also in the area of the tool has changed a lot. The player two new items of equipment are now available: a dip stick and a ladder. The staff makes you, at any time, to cross a river without having to look for tedious is the only bridge in the village, and with the head elevations are in the Terrain just no Problem at all. At the same time also a “tool was introduced in-wheel”, which is the equip or Change the equipment with just a push of a button, knows how to Do. Such small Changes to stretch through the whole game, and make the stay on the island again, a Lot more fun.

… and even in your own home, a Lot is new!

Also, the setup mode, in-house, was created in a very new, and of the 3-DS offshoot Animal Crossing Happy Home of Designer inspired. Once you have arrived in your own home, this special mode open. The current room will then be displayed in the 3D view, and single or multiple furniture can be selected and moved. So it’s incredibly easy, the rooms from all angles to adapt to hangings, walls, and Wallpaper or carpets set. Even the temperature of the light to be per room suitable select – Nintendo allows the players total freedom of choice. I had definitely expected to be able to let off steam. Alone in my main room two, three hours – fins currently only a few existing furniture!

Also, it needs no own closet more, unnecessary furniture, or resources to store. This can be done automatically, as soon as you are the subject of the house. So far I would have noticed here is no limitation of the internal bearing of the house, I’m curious if this will soon push its limits, or whether there really hundreds of Items can be stored.

The home is in the 3D style, complete with furniture.

On to unknown waters, with the Nook-miles tickets

Earlier I had mentioned briefly the Nook-miles tickets. This can only be on Nook-miles via the associated success of the system purchased. For 2000 miles a miles ticket. With this Ticket, you can explore previously unknown small Islands and to visit. It’s exotic resources, unknown fruit, or even coconut or bamboo. These fruits are for us a special financial gain. Because each island is equipped with a “native fruit”. For me, these are cherries, for example. This will bring in sale 100 Eclipse – fruit, no cherries three times are! It’s worth it to weigh so definitely, if you spend the Nook-miles for the credit or cosmetic rewards. Because of the miles on tickets I have benefited the Most so far.

Potential new residents are found in the wild nature. If you hit a animal of his choice on a random island, while with a miles ticket, you will collect this offering on the private island. So, one can determine, in New Horizons even for the first time, who is to join his own settlement. Before that, it was delivered to always have the luck, and was often punished with residents or animals, the character of which is not to one’s own idea of the fit. The residents have lost in New Horizons in fact nothing of your wit and charm, and provide a duel of who has the best bad joke to tell. The wide variety of character types, from the sport fanatic penguin to the Gangster-dog with a criminal history.

What I could not test in this context, unfortunately, so far, extensively, was the Online mode. My friends were even deepened yet very intensively to Expand your island. The first mutual visits were, however, absolutely liquid, and there were no long load times. Online you can meet, according to Nintendo, in fact, also on the Islands of the miles tickets to Strangers – this is something I had not experienced before, because in my environment, probably not a lot of players were on the Islands on the way. It is, however, also said that this mode, as in the case of other Games can be used with a Nintendo Switch Online membership used. This is something each must decide for themselves whether the money is the visits to other Islands value, or whether he wants to focus on its own island, as well as the adventures of the Nook-miles tickets.


Whether coincidence or a look into the future – whatever it may be. Animal Crossing: New Horizons would be a better period for the Release can get. Because I’m enjoying my virtual vacation on my own island in fullest, and could imagine, especially in the uncertain, stressful time currently nothing Better. New Horizons allows, to a certain extent, successful in their own four walls to escape – a circumstance that currently everything other than, of course, appear can.

I’m quite frankly my judgement may be a bit subjective score. Because Animal Crossing is for small to the Franchise, the me in the video game world, and has always had a special place in my heart. However, I have never been a good Animal Crossing is experiencing such as New Horizons , it is. Nintendo has brought the Franchise here is an almost completely new life. Gone are the days of lack of customization options, annoying residents to destroy your Flowerbed, or unpraktischem Handling of the control and the inventory. All of this has been replaced by endless customization possibilities, both from the island itself, as well as the house or the character. A very good built-in success system knows what it is to motivate the players, as well as exciting trips to always re-generating random Islands, full of exotic fruits and building materials. I would have no more of a Animal Crossing can desire.

But back to my review. Because of to the point – I have so far rail is neither in my run for, yet in previous Reviews ever a game is really a five-star assigned to it. Animal Crossing New Horizons has it this time but, however, for me, really deserves. I can find in the game as a Fan of the Franchises really be no forced point of criticism, it would be worth a whole star deducted. Every corner of the game looks from the Nintendo part is meticulously thought out. And I can’t wait just to explore my island in the coming weeks – to meet friends online, my own little world, and get new neighbors in my village. Until then, I can definitely to any Fan of simulation games recommend, to New Horizons with a view to throw.

However, one thing is definitely crucial: it is and always will be a Animal Crossing. So innovative , New Horizons may be, it does not show any affinity for the General Franchise, is also New Horizons that opinion doesn’t change! This should definitely be clear to everyone who is considering to take the plunge and even on its own island. Anyway, I’m curious if another song 2020 my “game of the year” is still in dispute can make – and especially, what to see in New Horizons with a future, event-based Updates are still coming at me is! These are to be submitted in free DLCs.

What is Crossing New Horizons is the Animal? A Simulation of an island can be completely customized to the individual.
Platforms: Nintendo Switch
Tested: Switch-Version
Developer / Publisher: Nintendo (Entertainment, Planning & Development) / Nintendo
Release: 20. March 2020
Link: Official Website