Ancestors: the Humankind Odyssey in the Test

Also if you talk to theologians prefer it, as it is for most of us, but as given, and demonstrates that we are descended of people from the monkeys – or the present-day apes and we share common ancestors. Ancestors (Ancestors in English, by the way, if anyone was unclear), to make use of the millions of years of Evolution have learned the tools, to walk upright, to build houses, the Internet, invented games programmed and then Play Tests wrote. For example, to what have this evolutionary history to the content … and so the circle closes, here and now, where are you reading this Review. Oh, how wonderful.

The creative mind behind the plots of the game is Patrice Desilets – the spiritual father of the Assassin’s Creed series. There by his love fell to historical accuracy … although the last bit of accuracy was sacrificed in favor of game design and Story on the Altar of playability. Also in the case of the Ancestors is the ultimate in accuracy in the recreation of our evolutionary history, however, not given. To a lack of appropriate records (Surprise), and on the other, because it is probably quite long-winded would be to have a duration of several million years. And that is a good thing – after all, the extremely shortened Version of our development is betimes hard repetitive. Let me explain:

Explore, Try, Develop

Good luck – we are not going to really help. By analogy with this message on the Screen sends you to the Ancestors in the African primeval jungle 10 million years before our time. What follows is basically always the same process: you explore unknown Terrain, to try hope fully the different things to learn New things and give it all to the next Generation. And we are not talking here to discover electricity. It is so fundamental things like the ability to simultaneously use both hands. Or to realize that a stick can be sharpened using a stone, that some of the berries and leaves can have certain effects, and the bad can be washed with sufficient water from the body. Which buttons you have to press her for in which Moment? The game doesn’t tell you – so why should I now?

And Yes: Even as you planted it, you have to find out on your own. And this is absolutely essential – Yes, in the truest sense of the word necessary for survival. Because, logically, it not only plays an individual primates, but basically the whole tribe … more the species. Accordingly, it is important to ensure, in principle, for young, but also again and again on your tours in the varied Wilderness take. The only way your Clan’s learning. Just collect your “Neural energy” that can lead you to a result in the next Generation; so, for a jump 15 years into the future provides. In addition, you can also make real evolutionary jumps. For each specific tasks or milestones must be completed: specific attractions to discover, animals to kill, tools to invent, and the like. Sounds nice, not at the end of the day, however, that the game is basically a lot more than just a series of Grinds.

Even to one who has a crucial, additional hooks: Although the appearance of our primates changed with each evolutionary leap, and after a little bit, so much going on, but otherwise only slightly. Especially the environment looks exactly the same. The other animals – all the you threatening predators such as snakes, wild pigs, crocodiles, saber-toothed tiger – are changing all the time, not a Bit. That is incredible, and incredibly bad at the same time. At least the has been a world in the game, however, with great attention to Detail and abundant life filled created.


Also the technical Basis of the game is not necessarily perfect. Don’t get me wrong: The game looks quite nice! Especially the weather effects are well worth seeing. It also knows how to convince with reasonable hardware hunger. However, Frequently errors to fall the collision and, above all, the control is arg inaccurate and getting used to. In particular, if you play with mouse and keyboard. Significantly better work with the developers recommended control. Has been tested on the PC – the First exclusive platform of the game. Playstation 4 and Xbox One will follow in December 2019.

Anyway – back technique, and the last, here is the missing section. The acoustic Part of the game. And like this white: The Soundtrack is perfectly chosen and the atmospheric sounds of the jungle make for a dense atmosphere. The sound samples of the monkey noises are also recorded perfectly, repeat, but after some time felt, nevertheless, very often.


Ancestors interested me since its announcement, through his really interesting idea, our own evolutionary history to versoften. That, almost inevitably, a certain Grinderei would come out, it was clear to me. And just as it came. Ancestors asked of you, basically, always the same to do. The first few hours feel so still really fresh and exciting, but soon the everyday life finds its way. The evolution of jumps that would have THE opportunity to bring new momentum in the matter – you don’t make it in time. In addition to this, the control system has its quirks, also ensures that it would probably help need a in game design evolution, jump of the game to a real purchase recommendation … even if it is 40 Euro in the Epic Games Store eh quite cheap.


What Ancestors: the Humankind Odyssey is? The versoftete evolutionary history – as the monkey-Clan works you through the millennia.
Platforms: PC (PS4 and XB1 will follow in December)
Tested on: PC, Intel Core i7-3770k, 16GB RAM, NVIDIA GTX 980Ti
Developer / Publisher: Panache Digital Games / Private Division
Release: 27. August 2019
Link: Official Website