Amazon Marketplace: warning: “Internal error 2045 – processor rejected”

On the Amazon Marketplace basic dive to the purchases of the Problem “Internal error 2045 – processor rejected”. So you respond correctly!

The Online security blog “Watchlist Internet” from Austria warns of a fraudulent Scam on the Amazon Marketplace. Users report more and more from an really old Trick, but by cyber criminal activities prior to a new Dimension.

This is often a particularly effective lock services. Similar as in the case of the recent Amazon-Marketplace warnings, a purchase is aborted with an error message. The reason currently viewing: “Internal error 2045 – processor rejected”.

The sender calls for a manual Transfer of the purchase amount to his Bank account, otherwise the purchase could not be completed and the goods are delivered. The New and Dangerous in the current report: The Marketplace seem to be reputable.

Because it was well-established Marketplace provider whose accounts were previously taken over by cyber criminals. The clear recommendation for action for the already bruised or potentially affected customers: you will Pay the amount in any case!


This happened, however, Internet Watchlist the following tips: deal with your Bank, the possibility of a referral to weigh. At the same time you log on to Amazon the case. Should not be refunded to your “money [be], is [a] to the police is necessary”.

You can use on the Marketplace is always the Amazon interface for payment processing. You do not respond to traders who want to be independent from the Marketplace directly in contact with you!

Reading tip: a warning to the cheap Software-buy on Amazon

A warning there is also, of course, for active Marketplace suppliers: Take you in Eight before Phishing and other hazards, which cyber criminals do not have other access to vendor portals only on Amazon.